Best SMS-marketing advice retailers can use to expand their business

Best SMS-marketing advice retailers can use to expand their business

SMS marketing maintains has the highest rates of open and response. An astounding 98% of SMS are opened and read compared to only 22% of emails. There is currently no better way to get a customer informed about your product or service than a text message. This marketing method is a perfect way for retailers to promote their shops or websites. It can boost sales, create brand awareness, keep customers interested and expand your business. Here are five tips that will help any company run a successful SMS marketing campaign:

Keep clients updated about your special offers. If you have sales on a regular basis, make sure to drop your customers a text. Using SMS for marketing gives a 90% guarantee that your message will be seen and read. Tell your clients when the sale will take place, when will it end, how much money they can save and how to take advantage of the offer.

1. Thank your customer for every purchase. Showing extra care to the client is a must.
2. Sometimes just sending an SMS isn’t enough to get people to buy at your store. Try offering them something that can be only obtained if they visit your business.
3. Keep them updated about new products. If you have a shipment of new products, remember to tell your clients about it. Send them a link with all of the new products and invite them to come to the store.
4. Create SMS loyalty programs. Every client likes to feel special. If you send them exclusive offers via SMS, you will surely get their attention. By starting an SMS campaign, you will make the word spread about your business faster than ever.

If you have a website or a store, we encourage you to give SMS marketing a try.

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