Why bulk SMS is a perfect marketing tool

For the past couple of years, the marketing industry has tailored many solutions for small and big companies. Even private entities, whose main purpose isn’t advertising, are a good boost for a business, This can be said for giants like Facebook and Google. The former is primarily a social network while the latter is the biggest search engine the world has ever seen. However, both of them provide marketing tools for companies all over the world. Despite the global reach these companies have, there are still many businesses that rely on bulk SMS as their primary source of interaction with potential clients. This is due to the fact that mobile phones have a better reach than the Internet. So, why do businesses still use text messages instead of more advanced marketing means? 

Faster than the speed of light

One of the main reasons companies gravitate towards SMS is the ability to deliver messages in a blink of an eye. This way clients will be able to receive and read them rather fast. A perfect way to reach a huge audience as fast asa possible. There is an abundance of bulk SMS providers that offer this service, including Bulkness.com. 

Surgical delivery

Unlike many marketing solutions that are prone to be ineffective in some cases, bulk SMS allows delivering messages to the customer 100% of the time. It is a more effective way of marketing compared to bulk email or website ad campaigns. There is always the possibility of your email ending up in the trash or an ad being blocked by adblocker tools.  

Get information on the go

This sort of an approach can show your customers that you value their time. Deliver the right text at the right time and you will get your clients hooked for more. For example, a shop can utilize bulk SMS to inform its customers about new deals, sales, Black Friday goods, etc. It is also a great way of cutting costs on customer care.

High return rates 

Another great thing about bulk SMS is that you will be getting more customer returns for a smaller budget. This is a perfect way of brand building for small businesses, giving them a higher ROI. Bulk campaigns are launched instantly and effectively reach thousands of clients. 

No filters to hold you back

Unlike emails and ads, SMS can’t be blocked or put in spam boxes. This is why despite all the progress we’ve seen in the past couple of years, a simple phone number remains as a primary source of reaching any demographic.

If you didn’t consider using bulk SMS before reading this article, we hope you changed your mind.

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