How SMS messaging helps engage the customers

The modern marketing industry offers many solutions for promoting business. They range from SEO and social media marketing to paid forms of advertising, including outdoor ads. Both can be a handful for companies on a smaller scale, as in order for them to be successful, the people who run these businesses are under pressure to hire professionals and ad agencies to help them out.It is not the best way to handle this type of problem while properly engaging with the customer base. However, there is a way to market practically anything with little to no cost with highly positive results. We are talking, of course about SMS marketing. This seemingly archaic method of getting buzz about your company going remains one of the best ones to this day. Why not?

Practically 90% of any country's adult population owns some sort of mobile phone. Unlike Google ads, emails or flyers, text messages are actually read in most cases. However, it's not enough to bombard customers with SMS over and over again. One has to be smart to ensure that not only will the shoppers return, they will bring someone else along with them. Here are a couple of tips that will help your company achieve just that.

Don’t forget to tell people about appointments

For example, if you own a small restaurant, run a doctors office, a car repair shop or something like that, make sure that your clients come to you on time. That way you will build better relationships with your customers.

Invite them to events

If you plan to have events like a Black Friday sale, remember to notify all of your customers beforehand. SMS are perfect for this type of promotion as people usually read them within three minutes. This tactic only works if the event will be held within the next couple of days.

Get to know your clients better

Use SMS to send out polls and conduct surveys among your customers. That way you will learn more about what type of goods and services they prefer. This method is used by both private companies and political organization.

As you can see, SMS marketing isn’t simply for reminding people that you exist or that offer them some product. It is a way of building steady relationships with old and new clients.

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