How to make your SMS campaign this Christmas

With Halloween gone, Thanksgiving on the way and December looming close, companies prepare for the big Christmas sales season. Mobile marketing will once again play a crucial role in getting new customers and bolstering brand loyalty. There are a couple of marketing strategies for the holiday season.

Start engaging your customers now

Most buyers try to do their Christmas shopping as early as possible. For example, during a Friday sale. A company can use SMS notifications to inform them of the items in their wishlist that are in stock, when will they be shipped and delivered. It is also a good idea to inform them of any items on sale.

Reward loyal customers

Christmas season is the perfect time to reward loyal clients. Send them a text about a free gift that can be picked up at the store. Once they come, the probability of them shopping at your business greatly increases.

Make your offers holiday-related

Try theming your offers to better suit the spirit of the season. Go a step further and try personalizing the messages, based on the preferences you customers have.

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