How to use SMS for restaurant marketing

Engaging customers, boosting sales and improving brand awareness can be a tricky thing, especially for restaurant owners. Luckily, SMS provide a perfect solution for this problem.

They are the most effective and not that costly. The fact that it is a permission-based activity is an another benefit of using text messaging. By using SMS campaigns, you greatly increase the chance of customers responding to your message.

The first thing that comes to mind is sending out coupons to customers. Another way of using this type of marketing is sending out positive restaurant reviews, VIP promotions, information about discounts and events.

Before you start a campaign for your place, there are two things you have to do: create a database of customers and find a convenient bulk SMS platform. Look for a service that is pretty straightforward and asks only of a customer base from you.

You will be able to know how well your campaign is going by obtaining information about the delivery and open rates. This information will be crucial for future SMS marketing campaigns.

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