How to use SMS for blog marketing

SMS marketing remains a vital part of advertisement strategy for many companies and brands. It can also be a strong marketing force for personal blog owners, no matter what they write about.

Before you check out SMS-marketing, you have to build a base audience for the blog. This can be done via cheaper social media means. To harness the full potential of SMS advertising, you have to thoroughly research the group you want to market to. For example, what their age and gender demographics are.

Don’t attempt to generalize your audience. You have come up with messages that resonate with different people. The key to this lies in segregating your audience according to in-group preferences. For example, marketing towards liberal and conservative groups within your audience can be drastically different.

When you compose a text message, you have to choose the right words and get the reader hooked on your message the moment they open an SMS. The message has to be short and effective with no unnecessary information.

As your marketing efforts will be closely tied to smartphones, you have to be absolutely sure that your blog will be properly accessible through most smartphone models. If users won’t be able to navigate it, read the posts or wait for eons until the page loads, your blog will slowly sink down the Google ranks.

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