Mediamark’s CEO sees potential in Africa’s growing mobile market

Mediamark’s CEO Weber Lindemann sees a large mobile user base growing in a number of African countries as a perfect marketing opportunity. More and more residents take a liking to social media, mobile video capabilities and the rise of mobile commerce. With a rapid pace, mobile is outgrowing traditional channels, including print and television, as a primary choice of entertainment and information. The fact that mobile phones take center stage in the lives of many people makes them a perfect marketing tool.

This is an opportunity African brands and ad agencies will be foolish not to take advantage of. It is yet unknown if they are investing any money in the growing market. Mobile commerce is currently on the rise all across the land. This includes online shopping, USSD-based transactions or agricultural micro-insurance. According to a recent study by We Are Social’s Digital, 78% of web pages are displayed on mobile phones on the continent. Across West and East Africa, this number reaches 80%.

The data clearly shows that mobile phones and not the desktops are the future of Africa’s e-commerce. Brands should make the conversion to mobile devices their top priority. This will prove time-consuming as many online shops and advertisers still place their money on a desktop-first approach.

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