SMS Marketing Can Boost UK’s Hospitality Sector

A recently released report called «The State of SMS» sheds some light on the way SMS marketing can benefit UK’s hospitality industry. The White Paper was issued by the mobile communication company Textlocal.

According to the report, there are now more than 80 million mobile phones in circulation. «The State of SMS» claim that 37.2 million consumers have chosen to receive SMS notifications from companies. More than 10.3 million clients have agreed to text message ads from businesses in the hospitality industry. By 2020, this rate is expected to jump to 13.2 million.

Textlocal’s optimism is supported by another mobile company from the UK — Ofcom. The company representatives claim that 93% of the country’s population owns a mobile phone of some kind. What is baffling is that only 50% of businesses utilize SMS in their marketing campaigns. By 2018, this figure can skyrocket to 92%.

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