The first SMS was sent 25 years ago

This month marks the 25th anniversary of the first ever SMS sent. The simple method of text communication shows no signs of slowing down in terms of popularity. While the first text message was sent back in 1992, the technology didn’t pick up until1993. That year saw the release of Nokia 1011 — the first mobile phone that allowed P2P texting. Even with its groundbreaking characteristics, the SMS still took a long way to make it into the mainstream.

The way of communication itself went trough several iterations. First SMS where typed in using the T9 format of texting, but in the coming years the QWERTY keyboard became availably. With the release of Apple’s IPhone, smartphones became mainstream, as did mobile phone calls and text messaging. Text messaging was boosted by the arrival of a new phone feature: the ability to text seamlessly on the phone screen.

Nowadays this form of communication is used by 5 billion users around the globe. SMS is used for direct communication, as well as for business marketing. By June of 2017 there were 781 billion text messages sent in US alone.

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