Tips for a productive bulk SMS marketing campaigns

Even with the onslaught of different marketing solutions, bulk SMS remains one of the most popular types of advertising. Still, for some reason, many companies refuse to utilize its full potential, partly because they're clueless about it. When used effectively, SMS marketing becomes powerful targeting tool for reaching the younger generation. Why? Well mostly because 90% of mobile phones are SMS-compatible, 98% of promotional messages get opened and 8% of texts are read within 3 minutes after they’ve been delivered.


Of course, this doesn’t necessarily mean high conversion rates. To get those a company has to know how to create those messages and how often they should be sent. In proper hands, bulk SMS marketing can turn into a powerful business-growing tool. Here are some tips on achieving that:


Stick to the point

Make sure that the content of your message is on point and is easy to understand. Avoid using texts that are over 160 characters. They will be broken up into multiple messages by mobile operators, making the end text hard to understand. Worse yet, this can result in higher spending fees for the company owner. Users need to understand what is required of them and what steps they should take. Add a URL or a phone number if you can or any other suitable call to action. Slang should be avoided, as well as the use of completely dry text.


Timing is everything

Sending a message too early or too late is no way of running a productive marketing campaign. Business owners have to be sure that their potential clients will have time to act on the SMS they’ve received. A good thing to do Is to write a message in advance for further delivery.  Another fact to be aware of is that you don’t want to overload your costumers with volumes of messages. If a business chooses this path, it risks outright losing its entire customer base. Try sending a text once-twice a week.


Keep things varied

No one wants to receive the same message all the time.  Because of this, it is vital to update your SMS. A business should make sure that the texts it sends out are different for each promotion. Each SMS must have bonus value for the reader.


Pick your audience carefully 

The key to good bulk SMS marketing is sending messages towards clients who want to receive them. It's good to offer your costumers a chance to subscribe to SMS messages when they sing up to a web page. Be honest with what you want to send them and always ask for permission to do add users to your mailing list.


Keep your database up to date

It's not uncommon for a mobile phone number to be deleted or changed. Because of this, companies should always keep their client bases updated. It is also important to check if your messages are delivered to the right people. If you don’t have a big number of contacts, you can get additional ones through print and online ads.


Remember that a good SMS campaign loves competence and honesty.

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