Top mistakes you should avoid during bulk SMS campaigns

The fact that SMS marketing remains one of the most effective forms of advertising, it doesn’t stop small business owners from making the same mistakes time after time. As a result, they have a hard time with reaching out to their potential and regular clients. Not to mention the amount of money that goes down the drain after every unsuccessful campaign. It's time to address those mistake and set you on a path towards prosperity.

Avoiding professional SMS texting platforms

One of the most glaring mistakes any business owner can make is not using a professional bulk SMS service. Some of them try to save money and start looking for phone numbers both of prospects and customers alike. What makes things worse is that they start forwarding messages from their own phone numbers. Many small business owners don’t know about the potential risk: loose the phone and your entire customer base is gone or gets stolen. Another thing to factor in is that the contact lists on most models are finite, so you will be stuck with the same people to market to. Not to mention that it takes hours to send big numbers of messages from one phone.

When you look for a bulk SMS service make sure that it has:
• A dedicated phone number
• An ability to schedule SMS campaign
• A relatively cheap price for its services

Making your messages as interesting as watching the paint dry

This mistake is a bane of small and big businesses alike but is more commonly made by the former. The plight comes from the idea that companies have to bombard their clients with daily messages. There is no better way to get customers to unsubscribe from your mailing list. A business has to develop a more subtle and thought-through approach. Think about what you want to sell and when you want to sell it. Something along the lines of offering extra beer on a Friday night order or cinema ticket offers on Thursday afternoon. Public and religious holidays are also a safe bet.

Sending SMS with no call to action

One of the worst things a business owner can do is avoid adding any sort of a call to action in their messages. More often than not they send out thousands of bland SMS with their company's name as the only content. No invitation to check out the company's website or give it a call. No suggestion to take part in sales or promotions. Nothing. No wonder that companies which fail to interest their customers have such a low customer retention. Remember, you are not reminding people that your business exists, you have to make them engaged and interested.

Failing to give a reason to stay subscribed

Many companies have failed to grow and maintain a steady client base due to the fact that many of them opted out of promotional campaigns. Think about what your costumers might want. For example, if you operate a small car shop, you can send out SMS about maintaining vehicles in operating conditions, e.g. how often oil should be changed on average, how to change a tire, etc. That way clients won’t see you as simply an emotionless business, but as a friend who cares.

Of course, by no means do these points ensure that your business prospers, but it will be a lot easier to run it once those mistakes are taken care of.

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