What is the best time for retail SMS campaigns

Retail companies send out thousands of text messages every day to keep their customers updated. A good timing is as important as the message content.

No matter how well-written or interesting your offers sound, you will find it matters little when clients receive them during the most inappropriate hours of the day. For example at 3 in the morning. So, when IS the best time for text marketing?


Hours between 5 PM and 9 PM are a good time for weekday marketing campaigns. People finish their final working assignments and start packing for home around this time.

After 9 PM most of the customers will get ready for bed and will likely ignore any incoming text messages before the morning comes.

A perfect time to send morning SMS messages lies between 8 AM and 12 PM. Its the time when people start preparing for work and beginning their morning routine, including checking emails and SMS alerts.

There is no better day for text marketing than Friday which sees a 44% spike in SMS campaigns.


On Sundays, retailers should send messages during the 4 PM-7 PM periods. At this point, many customers have nothing to do and spend free time going through their messages and emails.

9-12 AM also seems to be a good time to send out text advertisements. The ideal thing is to wait after 9 AM as many people like to stay in bed for a while.

Saturday is another day for morning (8 AM and 12 PM) marketing. During this time, marketers send out around 78% of SMS messages. Compared to Sundays, there are 26% more text messages sent out on this day of the week.

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