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Bulk SMS service with wide choice of routes

Bulk SMS service Bulkness works according to SMPP protocol, primary function of which is to send high volumes of SMS traffic. It is SMPP provider with high throughput, flexible prices and reliable connectivity. Using the service, you get uncountable benefits for your company's development strategy: our platform is multipurpose and we offer various routes among which you can find the solution for you. In addition to SMPP API, we also work with HTTP API — the protocol that is more suitable for middle-volume traffic.

Our bulk SMS gateway includes the following routes:

  • Direct — high-quality official routes with guaranteed and fast delivery and supported alfa names. Direct routes are the best option for companies that want to minimize all risks and want their messages to be obligatory delivered.

  • Non-direct — cheap bulk SMS service and optimal solution for sending promotional traffic for reasonable price.

  • 1-hop — the connection that ensures short delivery period of time because of partnership with operators on a direct basis.

  • SS7 — perfect solution for cheap promotional and transactional bulk SMS. Use it for sending passwords, confirmations, notifications, etc.

  • SIM routes — traffic that is sent from local phone numbers.

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