bulk sms messaging

Meet bulk SMS messaging services for your business!

Wholesale SMS provider Bulkness has multichannel opportunities for bulk SMS messaging. Partnering with us, you get one of the most important things in business — extensive range of options how to send bulk SMS. Everything depends on your goals and needs and we take into account your company's specialization profile.

Whether you need SMS advertising service or just informational SMS, both solutions are provided by Bulkness.

In promotional bulk SMS send notifications to your customers about:

  • sales

  • discounts

  • special offers

  • interesting company's events

  • company's news

  • etc.

Transactional bulk SMS is for sending:

  • passwords

  • confirmation messages

  • alerts basing on bank transactions

  • messages with a user information

  • etc.

Our system allows to deliver thousands of messages within short period of time and ensures high-speed SMS sending. Our bulk SMS solutions are powerful tools for optimization of communication and marketing channels in your company.

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