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Bulk SMS provider for marketing and transactional messages

Bulk SMS provider Bulkness is the service with solid experience in SMS marketing services and transactional SMS. We have built robust infrastructure of our system to ensure 100% messages delivery and flawless operation in all conditions. You can rely on us when you send bulk text messages across the world because we understand the importance of this action for your business and appreciate your trust.

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SMS API service provider Bulkness provides:

  • Wide coverage

    We work with many countries worldwide and continue expanding the list. We have strong business ties with European countries, the Americas, Africa and the Middle East, the CIS countries, Asia and Oceania. It allows us to partner with dozens of mobile carriers and provide high-quality solutions to our clients. If you want to make your business international and engage more customers from various regions, Bulkness is the answer!

  • Wide choice of routes by price and by quality

    Bulkness offers several types of routes for mass text messaging: high-quality, low-quality, SS7, direct, 1-hop, etc. Our managers are always ready to help you to choose the most appropriate route for your business needs.

  • Prepaid and postpaid options

    We work according to the schemes convenient for you. Prepaid and postpaid packages are available for you.

  • 24/7 support

    We know how to bring maximum of customer service to our clients. You can contact us at any time of day and get help and solution of your question.

  • Constant monitoring of clients' traffic

    Bulkness keeps everything under control that is why our service is always at a very high level. You don't need to worry about your messages because our team constantly monitor SMS campaign for you to reach your clients successfully.

  • Anti-spam system, checking by text, number, sender

    Our programmers have developed anti-spam system to deliver secure traffic to subscribers.

  • Searching for routes meeting a client's requirements

    Every client is special for us that is why we keep to individual approach in our company. Our main task is to find the best solution for your business and we are responsible for fulfilling this task.

  • Flexible partnership system

    Bulkness is SMS API service provider with favorable terms for partnership. It doesn't matter whether you need our services for a startup or for a large company, we offer cooperation conditions suitable for your business dimension.

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